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Since I had seen a Corvette in the USA for the first time in 1983, I could not stop thinking of this great looking car and so I started to search and found my first own Corvette in 1984. Since that time, I was infected with the virus and so it is hardly surprising that I thought already back then, sooner or later this beautiful hobby would become a profession.

But until that happened, a lot of time passed – more precisely, 34 years. But in the 34 years, which flew by, I already could practice ……

In 1984, I became a very active member of the „Corvette Owners Club Germany“ (founded in 1979) and helped to organize various tours, meetings and racing events. For more than 25 years I organized all club events, trips, tours and journeys and I’m still president of the Corvette Club, based in Munich, Germany.

In 2009 I went with my former Corvette C6 to a large international sports car meeting in Austria, where mainly Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and other sporty high-carats were present and met a good friend and supporter Rolando – a Ferrari driver and Italy specialist.

Together we founded a sports cars regulars‘ table in Munich and have been organizing our annual „Sports Cars Season Opening“ in Gerlos at beautiful Zillertal / Tyrol in Austria.

On one of our yearly Corvette tours we still participate in this great event.

Since 2010, my main residence is in Fort Myers, Florida, and I am member of the Florida Corvette Club „Corvettes of Naples,“ of which I had invited 4 good friends in 2015 to join our „Sports Cars Season Opening“ for the first time.

As my friends were absolutely thrilled with the event, the idea of making this a profession soon matured and so I founded the company „Palm Island Car Tours“ in 2018, where we organize 4 – 5 tours (road trips) every year with Americans and Canadians in self-driven Corvette cars or – if desired and available – other sports cars like Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini – through the middle and southern Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, etc.). As I am a local and know every place we are going, my tours lead you to places, cities and attractions you won’t see in other tours – all truly unique places with local culture, food and first class lodging – AND driving a Corvette for what it was designed for 🙂

In May 2018 I started my very first Corvette-Tour to beautiful Italy and 14 people from USA and Canada with 7 Corvettes participated and were thrilled.

My great thanks go to my business partners, who provide the vehicles for my tours, as well as to my friend and supporter Rolando, who is sometimes part of the tours as a wonderful tour guide with great knowledge about the visited country, its people and their mentality.

I am glad about every person who is interested and very happy about many participants of my future exceptional tours to the most beautiful and interesting places in Europe – driven with their „own“ Corvette.

All the best and hope to see you soon !
Palm Island Car Tours
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